Irish Potato Varieties

Red Potatoes

One of our staples, we always select for flavor, smooth colorful skin and high quality through all weather conditions

Yellow Potatoes

Since their introduction in the early nineties, these yellow and gold varieties  have been a favorite for texture and flavor

White Potatoes

These legacy spuds have held up to new variety competition and always have a place in the potato lovers pantry

SunLite Potatoes

Selected for flavor, these also are 33% fewer carbohydrates and 30% fewer calories, excellent choice for a carb restricted diet

Fingerling Potatoes

Not just for fun, these beauties add color and distinctive flavor to your plate...a must for the Foodie's kitchen

Purple Potatoes

The last of our specialty group, these add color and health, chock full of anthocyanin antioxidants

Sweet Potato Varieties


The East Coast Standard, this root vegetable has an orange flesh and sweet flavor- Grandmother's favorite

Purple Palmetto

With purple skin and flesh, this new variety was bred for the health conscience who want less sweetness, more dry matter and anthocyanin antioxidants galore! 


The combo- purple skin with orange flesh, this is the one if big sweetness is the top priority for you- these still growing

Purple Palmetto (up next in harvest schedule)

It's Purple Inside and Out

The cut potato on the left is uncooked, the one on right is cooked...notice the deep rich color on the cooked one, this makes for great presentation of side dishes, beautiful pies and muffins!

Below is "Roasted Sweet Potato Soup" submitted by Scott Giles of St. Augustine

Extremely Healthy

Anthocyanins- A remarkable antioxidant. Besides the vitamins and minerals found in most sweet potatoes, the anthocyanins in these purples have been linked to longevity, brain support and blood/circulation health, truly a powerhouse food.

Versatile for many dishes

Serve them baked, roasted, name it. For dessert have pie, muffins, cake- all with this rich color. Beautiful!

Look at this beautiful pie lovingly made with our purples. Submitted by Katie Provenza of St. Augustine