Community Involvement

State and Local Government

 "I would like to thank you for being an excellent and informative tour guide for the Clay County Emerging Agricultural Leaders Program. It's people like you who help inspire the next generation of agriculturalists." 

- Trey Daniel Richardson

Schools & Community Groups


"I have witnessed the impact that seeing agriculture first hand has made on teachers. Teachers have raved about the workshop and the great farm tour."

- Becky Sponholtz

Research Participation


"Danny Johns never fails to step up and help IFAS in their endeavors to solve challenges, be it agronomy, technology, environmental...anything that's farming."

- David Dinkins

Ag Awareness Events

"We believe an informed government is paramount to a sustained and healthy food chain"

- Danny Johns

Environmental Stewardship

Precision application of fertilizer

"Farmers are the original environmentalists"

- Overheard in a Grower meeting

Food Bank Support

Up to 2 million servings donated annually

"We continually communicate with Food Banks throughout Florida to insure all excess product is not wasted, it finds it's way to an appreciative table"

- Patricia Sullivan